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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Matter

At some point in life, we have all told ourselves, “Ok, I’m not playing anymore, it’s time to get serious.” So how do we drive change in our own lives and make it stick?

Every year, millions of people ask each other about “New Years Resolutions”. Often times, it revolves around self-improvement whether it’s about weight loss and fitness, career, financial, spirituality or family.

As an ex-professional athlete (NFL), I played at the highest levels of sport. This didn’t happen by chance. It wasn’t wishful thinking. Yes, I had dreams just like any kid playing sports. Playing sports from an early age, I learned the value of not only competing against others but also competing against myself. I learned that achievement requires commitment, sacrifice, consistency and passion to achieve extraordinary results.

It was a true commitment.   Let me give you a few examples. The weather is lousy. Too bad, I’m running in the rain (and the snow) or I’m getting myself to the gym. There’s a party or my friends are going out partying. Too bad, I’m on a mission that’s my priority. I remember in college, during summer breaks, that I didn’t go out and hit the town with my friends even once but instead while they were out partying, I was out running the streets at night or hitting the gym or resting up for my next morning’s routine. It was sacrifice but to me it wasn’t much of a sacrifice because what was important to me was my mission, my goals and vision that I had for myself. I wanted to be the best that I could be…and I excelled beyond anyone’s expectations. I guess that’s why some people say that it’s lonely at the top because in the process, you’ll tend to leave people behind who don’t align with your vision for yourself, your mission and ultimately the action plan that enables you to achieve your goals. It’s non-negotiable.

So you see, there’s a big difference between often wishful “resolutions” and concrete commitments. Resolutions are wishful thinking while missions are tied to a vision, in combination with goals and an action plan…and it’s all-measureable.

Think for a moment. When was the last time that your boss or business associates conducted an annual or quarterly review and asked you to frame or state your “resolutions” for the business. I’ll venture to say that if your business is successful, your leaders don’t deal in “resolutions”.

In our business, for example, we endeavor to drive change with our many clients who seek to improve their health and wellness.   Many succeed while some ultimately fail. Why? Commitment or lack thereof. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, as they say.

If improving your health and fitness is your vision, then make it your mission, set goals and make a commitment to an action plan that will enable you to succeed and achieve.

It’s a real study in human nature to observe people who have a vision, will even set goals but don’t make the commitment necessary.   Dropping into a cross fit class or the gym a few days a week? You may feel like you’re doing something but is that really going to affect change? Honestly, a few days a week is closer to an event on your social calendar than it is to a true plan to achieve any results. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s all about commitment, consistency and a plan that enables you to reach those goals. The same goes for eating correctly…every day. Commitment. I think you get my point.

So how do we make 2018 different?

First – throw away the New Year’s resolutions. Instead, define your mission. Set your goals. Create an action plan and execute. Real goals are with us everyday. No excuses.

You’ll need to identify your internal NEEDS. Not what others expect you should do – but what is going to make you happy.

Construct a vision board. If you don’t know about vision boards, google vision boards. Taking the time to actually cut out pictures of what you want your life to look like takes some effort but it crosses the line from thinking about things to visualizing them. And by looking at it each day, you will keep your momentum going.

Next – ask yourself, Why? That’s right; everything worth doing is first worth defending. So if you have a picture of yourself in a bikini – ask yourself, is it because you want to be skinnier than your sister – or is it because you want to be healthy for your children? The correct answer will determine your success.

Finally – keep a journal. Write down every success and every failure. Look for patterns. It is only when you recognize what you are doing wrong that are you able to change your actions.

It really is easier than everyone makes it out to be.

Start small and have commitment to every action. Do not make excuses when you fail. Simply acknowledge it, determine why it happened and move on. Once you see small victories, the large ones will follow.

Believe in yourself! I wish you much success…and Happy New Year!

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