The following are frequently asked questions, FAQ's, about hormone replacement therapy, our process, and how hormone optimization can improve your quality of life. They're provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for personalized medical advice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is both corrective and preventive medicine using bioidentical hormones to treat and correct hormone deficiencies and hormone imbalances while optimizing your hormone levels back to your youthful levels that you enjoyed in your prime years. Hormone therapy can benefit both men and women whose essential hormone levels drop, due to aging.
Hormone therapy that corrects hormonal deficiencies can contribute to improved body composition. In other words, it will enable you to enjoy increased strength and muscle mass while lowering body fat percentages, especially when integrated with a proactive lifestyle plan that addresses healthy nutrition and exercise.
Bioidentical hormones are basically derived from plant based hormones that are chemically identical to the hormones that are produced by the body. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a natural approach to hormone therapy. BHRT is utilized to treat both men and women. Typically, these hormones include Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen.
Because most doctors are not up to speed on testosterone replacement therapy and proper techniques for maximum results. Additionally, testosterone therapy and hormone therapy require significant management and oversight of the patient during the course of therapy. Primary care physician practices are not structured to provide this level of specialized focus and oversight.
Hormone therapy has a wide range of benefits depending on each individual patient. Many of our patients experience better libido, energy, fat loss, increased strength and muscle mass, improved sleep, enhanced recovery and a constellation of other mental and physical benefits.
When hormone replacement therapy is done by a specialist who provides consistent management and oversight during your therapy, you will not typically experience any side effects. That being said, any medication therapy can have potential side effect that vary from patient to patient. Our hormone therapy specialists have vast experience in the field of hormone therapy. All patients are carefully monitored during their therapy programs to prevent any potential side effects.
Hormone replacement therapy is rapidly expanding across the whole United States and people of all walks of life are discovering the benefits of hormone optimization. Although women have been treated with hormone therapy for years in response to Menopause, it’s no longer a secret that hormone replacement therapy can benefit men and women as they experience hormonal decline and aging.
Federal and State laws require a face to face exam with the prescribing physician. You want to be evaluated, treated and managed by a hormone therapy specialist. Ordering Hormone Replacement Therapy online can be illegal and dangerous because quality control of medications can be compromised and there is no medical oversight or management by a specialized hormone therapy doctor.
Primary care physicians are not trained in hormone replacement therapy nor do they have a specific focus in this area of expertise. They don’t practice HRT. Hormone therapy is a specialized practice that requires complete, comprehensive evaluation, testing, accurate assessment and consistent oversight during the course of your therapy. Like any medical discipline, today’s fast moving changes in research require a specialist in each type of medicine.
Natural testosterone production steadily declines with age, often dropping by as much as 40-50% below the optimal levels that you once enjoyed in your peak years. Some doctors typically will tell their patients that these declining levels are in the “normal range for their age, and that they’re just getting old”. Patients will often tell us, “I don’t want to feel like I’m 50, I feel lousy. I want to feel like I did when I was younger again.” Testosterone Replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy effectively establish a “new normal” that optimizes testosterone and related hormonal levels back to a medically acceptable, optimal level which restores energy, sex drive, strength, lower body fat, and a level of maximized health and vitality while eliminating the symptoms related to low testosterone and other related hormonal deficiencies.
As with any medication or medical procedures, there are always risks. Our testosterone specialist physicians take great care to medically manage and monitor each patient to ensure that all hormonal levels are maintained in proper balance to ensure optimum health. When testosterone therapy is properly managed, it actually guards against health risks associated with hormonal decline.
When testosterone therapy is medically managed and monitored by a testosterone specialist physician, you should not experience side effects. Our specialized physicians proactively monitor our patients during the course of their therapies to ensure optimal results without potential side effects. Side effects associated with poorly managed or unmanaged testosterone usage, usually without a physician’s oversight, may include fluid retention and skin reactions due to extremely high levels of testosterone or highly elevated estrogen levels, or both.
A recently published meta-analysis of 75 placebo-controlled studies, the largest to date, found no evidence of increased CV risk with Testosterone therapy and clear evidence of improved metabolic profiles. Given the personal suffering of men with testosterone deficiency as well as the public health burden of testosterone deficiency, the recent controversy regarding testosterone and CV disease presents an important opportunity to understand the science underlying this critical medical issue. Treated men had 1/2 the mortality ratio’s when compared to non-treated men with testosterone deficiency. Studies have also shown that men have experienced functional improvement in cardiovascular health. – Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Associate Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School
No, studies have shown that testosterone does not increase the risk of prostate cancer. Conversely, proper management of testosterone and estrogen levels can actually have a preventive effect.
Both andropause and male menopause are used to describe decreasing levels of the male hormone testosterone that come with aging. Most men see testosterone levels drop as they get older. Some have described andropause as puberty in reverse.
Hypogonadism, in men, is a medical term used to describe the condition of low testosterone levels and production as well as lower sperm production.
Yes, proper evaluation and treatment will address hormonal deficiencies and correct hormonal balance thus eliminating such symptoms while restoring sex drive, libido, bone density and overall health.
One of the most important factors that affect testosterone levels and the ratio between testosterone and estrogen is the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen, further depleting free testosterone levels and increasing estrogen levels. Taking estrogen control medications, while on testosterone replacement therapy, controls and modulates the conversion process of testosterone to estrogen, thereby preventing estrogen dominance.
Human Growth Hormone Deficiency means that your body is deficient in growth hormone as measured by IGF-1 levels. Your body is declining to produce normal levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
When left untreated, adults may gradually see physical changes including weaker bones (bone density), increased joint issues, lower muscle mass increased body fat, changes in skin thickness and elasticity, delayed healing and prolonged recovery leading to chronic fatigue.
HGH is a synthetic manufactured peptide but not all peptides are HGH Human Growth Hormone. Peptides which stimulate natural HGH production have become popular alternatives to HGH because they are thought to be a safer, more natural approach to optimizing HGH levels. Peptides do not suppress natural HGH production. Peptides deliver all the benefits of HGH without the side effects.
HGH benefits emerge gradually over a 3 to 6 month period as changes take place in muscle mass, body fat, connective tissue, joint health, collagen production, skin, hair, injury repair and general recovery rates over time.
HCG or (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that stimulates the body’s natural production of testosterone, LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicular stimulating hormone). HCG stimulates testicular function and upstream hormone production while serving to maintain testicular volume during testosterone therapy.
The cost of Hormone replacement therapy can vary depending upon individual requirements for each patient. This is not a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all approach. After proper evaluation and lab work, your doctor can help you decide upon which therapy is right for you. You may be surprised at how affordable hormone replacement therapy can be.
Yes, you can. We require comprehensive blood chemistry, metabolic and hormone panels. You have the option to obtain these specific lab panels on your own, but it may come at considerable expense. If so, we can utilize those lab results, if done recently. Consult with us to determine the exact tests that we require. A patient with their own blood work will still need to schedule a face to face medical evaluation and consultation with our hormone specialist doctor. Thus, it may save you some time and money to have us do your labs at the time of your medical examination and review.
RenewFX Health and Wellness does not accept medical insurance. Insurance companies typically will not cover the cost of comprehensive hormone replacement therapy as it is often considered an elective treatment. In general, insurance companies seek to gain total access to your medical information before determining any coverages, and then will attempt to first challenge and justify any treatments, and then dictate any treatment and medications in an effort to control their costs. “The main benefit of not billing through insurance is that physicians no longer work for the insurance company. Instead, the physician works directly for the patient in the patient’s best interests.”
If treated properly for hormone replacement therapy, getting blood work and following the doctors’ protocol etc. hormone replacement therapy is not only safe but is proactive, preventive healthcare that is healthy and life changing.
We know you have a choice when selecting hormone replacement therapy options. We have vast practical experience over many years and hundreds of patients. We offer therapies that are legal, safe, effective and affordable. Our customer service is unsurpassed.
We use licensed U.S. pharmacies that deliver the highest quality brand name and compounded medications that comply with all state and federal regulations, delivered to your front door.
Typically, as hormonal balance is restored and optimized, you will begin to feel the difference sometimes immediately, although it typically takes 6 to 12 weeks for your hormonal levels to adjust and reach optimal homeostasis (metabolic balance).
The first step is to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions confidentially and explain the process. Once you have decided to get evaluated, we will schedule you to come into the clinic for a medical review and diagnostic lab testing. In a matter of a few days, we will have your results for review. The medical team will explain the results of your evaluation, review your options going forward and recommend a customized treatment program specific to your needs.
No, this program is self-administered. It is shipped directly to you with oversight from our medical staff to ensure that you fully understand the treatment plan, instructions and schedule.


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