Sexual Dysfunction Therapy


Sexual dysfunction diagnosis and treatment requires an experienced and specialized practice that truly understands the full scope of variables that may contribute to sexual dysfunction disorders. 

Your doctor will typically evaluate and treat various symptoms including erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, pain, lost sex drive, lack of sexual response and inability to reach sexual orgasm or climax. 

Hormone replacement therapy is often a component to a comprehensive solution.

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Improved Sex Drive / Libido

The decline of hormone production as we age can have a dramatic effect upon sex drive and libido. One of the most immediate improvements that people experience with hormone therapy is the healthy return of sex drive and libido.

Improved Ability to Become Aroused

Hormone deficiency can be closely related to a lack of sexual arousal. Researchers have demonstrated that hormone optimization leads to increased levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, which supports excitability and arousal.

Improved Ability to Reach Orgasm / Climax

Hormonal decline and orgasmic dysfunction are closely connected. Hormone correction involving the key hormones; Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone along with Adrenal function, will all play a vital role in sexual health.

Improved Vaginal Lubrication

Hormone therapy plays a vital role to support and maintain a healthy balance of vaginal lubrication and elasticity. As women begin to experience these issues, hormone therapy can make a world of difference!

Improved Erectile Function

Hormonal balance is essential for sexual health, including erectile function. Hormone therapy restores and optimizes healthy hormone levels, ensuring that those hormones that support healthier erections are in proper balance.

RenewFX Sexual Dysfunction Causes