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Human Growth Hormone

Hormone Therapy

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RenewFX City Best Awards RenewFX 2023

 “Everything We Do, We Believe in Challenging the Status Quo. We Believe in Thinking Differently.”

RenewFX Hormone Therapy Specialists enable Men to achieve healthy aging through proactive, preventive medicine.

RenewFX patients want to turn back the clock to how they felt and looked when they were in their prime years. THEY WANT THAT BACK!

They want to be actively engaged, rediscover their energy and enthusiasm for life along with the sexual drive that they once enjoyed…they want to look good and feel their very best!

RenewFX is your specialized concierge healthcare partner, providing constant communication, guidance and oversight, every step of the way.  RenewFX subscribes to a functional and integrative medicine approach including customized hormone therapy programs, nutritional guidance and exercise physiology that best addresses your individual requirements and goals with long-term solutions.  We don’t treat labs.  We treat patients.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Executive Director and CEO

“As a former professional athlete with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, I have gained a great appreciation for… "