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Aging and how to protect yourself with hormone therapy.

Imagine you’re in your early 20s: Your day starts with a trip to the gym where you lift weights or maybe you go for a run; your work day passes quickly and you make plans to meet up with your friends for maybe a game of soccer, softball, basketball, or a bike ride… before everyone goes out for a drink. When you were in your 20’s, an active day was just easy and automatic. You were constantly on the move and you felt like you always had the energy to keep up.

Unfortunately, that stamina and energy doesn’t last forever. Time starts taking its toll on your body as you age, and that can leave you with many negative side effects. The answer to feeling better lies in redefining how you age.

Learn more about today’s modern medical science that can change the way you age, straight from the medical experts.

What happens as we age

Aging is normal, but it doesn’t always feel that way. For most people, the physical signs are the most annoying. Thinning skin and decreasing collagen content means that crow’s feet and other wrinkles start to appear. Years of wear and tear on your joints can make you feel stiff and achy, while declining muscle mass and lower physical fitness means you can start to feel like you’re slowing down.

You may find that losing sleep is also making you feel like you’re slowing down. As you age, you might sleep fewer hours or wake up more often throughout the night. Studies show that as you age, it can take longer to fall asleep, and you may spend less time in quality, deep sleep. This can affect your energy levels and leave you feeling sluggish throughout the day.

Age can also affect your mental processing. According to one study, it can start as early as age 24. This means that you might start to lose focus or become more easily distracted than when you were younger.

When it comes to sexual function and sex drive, it’s common that as we age we often experience a decline, causing added frustration and loss of confidence.

But there’s a solution. At RenewFX Health, specialized doctors are restoring people’s lives with medically proven solutions for hundreds of men and women.

Proactively optimizing your health

Think of aging as your body’s cellular and hormonal functions slowing down. Your body is made up of cells, and those cells age just like the rest of you, but healthy cells are extremely important for all bodily functions.

As we age, our hormone levels also start to drastically decline. This is completely normal and it happens to everyone as they age. When your hormones drop below ideal levels, it is impossible for your body to be performing at an optimal level. When this occurs it can be very discouraging and frustrating when you are putting forth effort to be physically fit, healthy, and happy. Plain and simple you just do not see the results you used to see when you were younger.

Hormone replacement therapy can completely turn your life around. You will see phenomenal results in every aspect of your life. You will love the gym again! You will be more confident, have improved sex drive, better sense of well being, see a big increase in fat loss, and be more motivated among so many other benefits!

Our patients often state, “To me, this is not just a medical solution, but a life changer.”

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to take control of your body and your life!

Today’s medical solutions can enable you to feel your best and redefine how you age by restoring that youthful enthusiasm, energy and quality back into your life that you’ve been missing.

Take the next step. You have nothing to lose.

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