Hazards of Estrogen Dominance in Women
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Hazards of Estrogen Dominance in Women

When it comes to hormonal balance, The Hazards of Estrogen Dominance in Women is a primary focus. After years of studies, we now know that estrogen dominance is a common thread that can predispose women to many underlying diseases. This problem is characterized by a relative excess of estrogen and a corresponding deficiency in progesterone. In the U.S. alone, statistics show that nearly 50% of woman over age 35 have an estrogen dominance condition. Proactively managing your hormonal balance throughout your life is the best preventive medicine to maintain and protect your health.

Complaints associated with estrogen dominance in women:

  • My breasts are swollen and getting bigger.
  • I can’t put my rings on my fingers.
  • I am more impatient now than ever.
  • People tell me I am too bossy.Hazards of Estrogen Dominance in Women | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement - RenewFX Wellness of Houston, TX
  • I am getting cramps again like when I was younger.
  • I no longer get my period.
  • I miss my periods regularly.
  • My periods come irregularly.
  • I get scared when I see large clots during my period.
  • I have Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).
  • When I get a hug, my breasts hurt.
  • I have fibroids.
  • I have endometriosis.
  • I cannot fit into my shoes.
  • I have a cyst in my breast.
  • I feel tired all the time.

Female Hormones

The two primary female hormones are estrogen and progesterone. A hormonal imbalance between these two hormones can lead to significant medical problems.

Estrogen is a pro-growth hormone. The body has another hormone to offset and counterbalance the effects of estrogen. It is called progesterone.


Estrogen Effect vs. Progesterone Effect

Progesterone acts as an antagonist to estrogen. For example, estrogen stimulates breast cysts while progesterone protects against breast cysts. Estrogen enhances salt and water retention while progesterone is a natural diuretic. Estrogen has been associated with breast and endometrial cancers, while progesterone has a cancer preventive effect. Studies have shown that pre-menopausal women deficient in progesterone had 5.4 times the risk of breast cancer compared to healthy women.  As you can see, the hazards of estrogen dominance in women are not to be taken lightly.

Estrogen Dominance | Progression

The relative dominance of estrogen and corresponding deficiency of progesterone is the main cause of many health problems associated with hormonal imbalance in women.

Estrogen and progesterone decline slowly in women’s early years, but there is a dramatic change in the rate of decline during the perimenopausal and menopausal years.

From age 35 to 50, there is a 75% reduction in production of progesterone in the body. Estrogen, during the same period, only declines about 35%. By menopause, the total amount of progesterone made is extremely low, while estrogen is still present in the body at about half its pre-menopausal level.

What is so bad about estrogen dominance?

It is the root cause of many illnesses for women. Conditions associated with estrogen dominance in women may include fibrocystic breast disease, PMS, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, endometriosis, infertility problems, endometrial polyps, auto-immune disorders, low blood sugar problems, and menstrual pain, among many others.

Study after study has repeatedly shown that the majority of breast cancers in adult women are non-genetically linked, and upwards of eighty percent of breast cancer, is caused by estrogen dominance. It is not a coincidence that after menopause (and reduced rate of estrogen production), the rate of increase in the risk for breast cancer drops dramatically.

Logically, it is wise to proactively manage hormonal balance throughout a women’s lifetime. Hormonal balance can provide a solid foundation in an effort towards the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Be proactive! Guard against the hazards of estrogen dominance in women!  We can help!

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